RuralBusiness & Innovation Summit

Lewis Howell, Founder and CEO

Hueya Inc

Lewis Howell is founder and CEO of Hueya, Inc., a cyber-security company that develops SaaS based tools for businesses and individuals. With its state-of-the-art software and online tools, Hueya is leading the way to protect organizations and individuals against new and emerging cyber threats.

Lewis is a thought leader in cybersecurity and how humans intersect with technology. He began his technology career by hacking away on a Commodore 64 in 1984. This early interest in computers sparked his passion for technology and led him through the dotcom era, with jobs at Fortune 10 to Fortune 5000 companies. His career has spanned roles from systems engineer to Chief Information Officer to teaching classes about technology at the university level. He has also started multiple companies in the IT and security space. His expertise in security and hacking—combined with his passion for making organizations safer and more secure—are at the epicenter of Hueya, Inc..

Sept. 13, 2018

Klamath Falls, OR

Don Macke, Co-Founder 

Center for Rural Entrepreneurship

Don has more than 40 years of experience in the field of community economic development. He served on the staff of the Nebraska Legislature, the Cabinet of the Nelson Administration in Nebraska where Don served as Executive Director of the Nebraska Rural Development Commission, Co-Founder of the Nebraska Community Foundation, and worked as a consultant in 45 states, Canada and the Caribbean. Don is Senior Vice President of LOCUS Impact Investing. He co-founded the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship and provides leadership for its entrepreneurial communities, community development philanthropy and Transfer of Wealth work.

Don has a MA in Regional Economics and a BS in Environmental Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Brant Boersma, Chief Culture Officer
Dutch Bros. Coffee
Brant is the chief culture officer for Dutch Bros Coffee. His role entails traveling with colleagues through the Dutch Nation – encompassing seven states in the western U.S. – not only spreading the Dutch Luv, but strengthening the roots and foundation upon which the coffee company was built.

The eldest son of the late Dutch Bros co-founder Dane Boersma, Brant began working the window and making shaved ice as a youth. Since then, he has been involved in nearly every aspect of the company, from waste and water disposal to roasting coffee beans to coaching the future faces of the Dutch Bros brand. The Dutch Bros blood flows deeply in Brant. From franchisee coach to director of culture to his current role as chief culture officer, he continues carrying on the tradition of sharing the wisdom that his dad gave so freely.


Misty Lambrecht

Social Media Marketing Expert

Misty is a fantastic Instructor who is able to break down a complicated subject and teach it to a varied group of students. I find her style concise, informative, and inclusive for all. I walked away from her class with a greater knowledge than I entered and am able to navigate a new subject on my own. I have been on Boards with Misty and dealt with her in the professional realm for many years and always find her to be easy to work with and knowledgeable.  

Misty is a talented instructor who manages to stand out in a very crowded field. She has an impressive ability to lead a classroom full of students with widely varying degrees of expertise and ensure that each is getting value from the class. She also has a disarming manner that never condescends to students new to the tech topics her classes cover; no one feels threatened our unwelcome in her classes. Evaluations from Misty's students tend to glow. One student recently wrote, “I learned how to create an incredible website. Misty gave me tools to set up my web store and to sell my art online. I found out the importance of social networking and got very good guidelines on how to effectively approach it. I feel much more on track now. Thank you for this opportunity.” The Oregon Coast Community College SBDC is fortunate that Misty calls our county home. Misty is in demand across the state and beyond as an instructor, and our ability to provide our rural business owners this caliber of instruction is just another way we're able to punch above our weight.  

Aaron Orendorff, Editor in Chief

Shopify Plus

Aaron is the Editor in Chief of Shopify Plus, the enterprise arm of Shopify, which hosts over 600,000 online businesses worldwide. He's also both a Forbes Top 10 B2B Content Marketer and Top 25 Marketing Influencer to Watch. He is also a regular contributor to sites like Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Mashable, Lifehacker, and more.

Leslie Hildula
Portland Community College SBDC
Leslie Hildula is a public speaker and consultant specializing in the growth of independent retail businesses.  She started the retail program at the Small Business Development Center at Portland Community College in 2011.  This growing program now offers beginning and advanced courses for retailers and a series specifically for restaurant owners. For three years running alumni of the retail program have received  “Small Business of the Year” awards from the Small Business Administration.

Leslie grew up in Clatskanie, Oregon and earned a bachelors degree in Communications from Pacific University and a Masters in International Management from Golden Gate University. She started her professional career in Silicon Valley in the high tech industry.  Her first consulting contract was with Apple Computer. For three years she led customer service seminars for Apple dealers in Asia and Latin America.  Leslie has worked with business owners throughout the West Coast. After returning to Oregon she had the opportunity to work in both the private and public sectors, understanding the vital synergy between them. This was particularly true in her community affairs work for TriMet’s construction of the I-205 Light Rail line through SE Portland. For three years she worked closely with this diverse community to facilitate their input into the project and to mitigate the impact of such a huge transportation project on small businesses and residents.

Leslie’s work now focuses on helping independent retail businesses grow and thrive in towns across the northwest. She speaks at conferences, leads workshops, and provides 1:1 consulting with business owners.